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Tim Rodgers, Hanshi Judan
Kaicho (President)


The Zentokukai is an International Tode (Karate & Kobujutsu) Association dedicated towards the preservation of the old ways and the teachings of Chotoku Kyan and Zenryo Shimabukuro. Founded in 1997 by Tim Rodgers, Angel Lemus, Jim Pizii and Walter Dailey.

Tim Rodgers, Walter Dailey, Angel Lemus, Jim Pizii. March 1997 Pennsylvania, USA

Shorinji-Ryu Karate
Also known as "Sukunaihayashi Shorin-Ryu" 少林流 it is the Karate of Chotoku Kyan.
唐 手 術
Tuite & Bunkai
Our focus is on the embedded fighting applications of Kata, where form=function.
唐 手 術
The Zentokukai focuses on self-defense , not sports and competition practices.
唐 手 術
Oyakata Kobujitsu
Preserving Oyakata Kobujitsu (親方古武術). Taika Oyata's Lineage of Okinawan Weaponry through the affiliation of the ZKKR.

What is the Zentokukai?

The Zentokukai was formed out of a need to provide a home and an open environment to continue the research and practice of Okinawan Tode (Karate) and Kobujitsu (ancient weaponry). The Zentokukai does not practice nor promote sport Karate and modern competition, it emphasizes the  Koryu “old-style” practices and techniques which are solely for self-defense purposes.

The Zentokukai is an international association with representatives in the United States, Europe and South America. Most of these dojos were once members of the Seibukan Karate-Do Association. Although very traditional in practice, the Zentokukai takes a progressive approach promoting individual expression.

It is not interested in creating robotic practitioners but in helping individuals to discover themselves through hard work, discipline, and determination in an open environment. 

The Zentokukai is a living, breathing entity which is in a constant state of self-evaluation, change, and growth.

Our primary goals are not measured by ego, personality, sports and/or monetary achievements, but in helping each student to grow as a human being who is dignified, honorable, and truthful with him/herself, family and community. This is achieved through the physical training, forging a strong body, fearless character, which in turn is checked by a humble spirit and the promotion of humanistic values and well-being.

The Zentokukai is not interested in rapid growth, therefore it is very selective in the character of the individuals it chooses to welcome into its family. We offer the opportunity for members to discover the hidden potential within through the practice of Okinawan martial arts!

International Okinawa Shorinji-Ryu Tode Zentokukai

Traditional Okinawan Karate and Kobudo

Preserving Okinawan
Karate and Kobujitsu

Tim Rodgers, Hanshi– President
Jim Pizii, Hanshi– Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer
Larry Hall, Hanshi– Councilor

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