A Special message to Zentokukai Senseis and Students
from Sohan Tim Rodgers

The Zentokukai is our home. The path we have chosen is clear and true, and there is no turning back. I want you as senseis and students of the Zentokukai to feel good about yourselves and the choices we have made.

We are a family! and the bond between us is forever in the spirit of Karate-do!

This Association was created out of a promise I made to all of you many years ago, that no matter what happened, we would all have a home from which we can practice our Karate and continue to grow in an atmosphere of honesty and respect. We are all Karate students for life, we will train and grow together as we tread on the path of our predecessors.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. So lets all pull together, do our part and meet our goals, am I clear?

So I say to my family as I have always said–

To us and those like us – damn few!

Sohan Tim Rodgers
President Zentokukai