What is the Zentokukai?

The Zentokukai is an Okinawan Karate (Tode) Association founded in 1997 by Tim Rodgers, Angel Lemus, Jim Pizii and Walter Dailey. Dedicated towards the preservation of the old ways and the teachings of Chotoku Kyan and Zenryo Shimabukuro.

Tim Rodgers, Walter Dailey, Angel Lemus, Jim Pizii. March 1997 Pennsylvania
Zenryo Shimabukuro
Chotoku Kyan
Shorinji-Ryu Karate
Also known as "Sukunaihayashi Shorin-Ryu" 少林流 it is the Karate of Chotoku Kyan
唐 手 術
Okinawan Tuite & Kata Bunkai
Tuite is the foundation of Kata applications, it is the embedded knowledge of Karate
唐 手 術
The Zentokukai focuses on self-defense , not sports and competition practices
唐 手 術
Kobudo (Ancient Weaponry)
Preserving Ryukyu Kobudo (沖縄古武道). Okinawa’s ancient weapons- Bo, Sai &Tunfa